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The SUrf Nasty TEe

Surf Nasty Relaxed Tee in Beach

More than a shop

Rooted in community, Shop.Surfsociete.com is dedicated to our surf sisters who make each surf session so fun.

Owned & Operated by Women of Color

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Rashguards fit for a woman


More room for the shape of your body. No more pulling and tugging around your shoulders because your rashguard doesn't accommodate the shape of a woman's body.

Rashguards fit for a woman

Curved Hip

Forget bunching and rolling up. Our rash guards curve at the hip to fit around the shape of your body and move with you in the water!

Rashguards made to function

Paddle Sleeve

Double lined, tapered and seamless at the wrist. Forget soggy sleeves that move around and bunch up while you "Paddle, Paddle, Paddle!"

Our philosophy

Knowledge x Culture x Sisterhood. We believe it takes 3 components to empower women in the water.

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Creating Responsibly

Producing ethically and using eco conscious materials are just two ways we show our commitment to creating responsibly. We hold strong values in ethics & environment.

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Major Style, Major savinngs

Surfwear on sale