At iaera surf, it has always been our goal and inspiration to highlight the uniqueness and beauty of every woman, including any person who identifies as a woman.

We strive to do this in the way we create the fit and sizing of our products as well as by featuring models and women of different ethnic backgrounds. We understand that surfing has been a predominantly male and white sport and we strive to continue to change this narrative through the representation of diversity in our brand products and images.

It is our philosophy that if we can create garments that fit and function for the everyday women, we can highlight the uncelebrated diversity of women in surf and beach culture.

iaera surf is a brand founded, owned and operated by women of color.

In 2020, we founded the Confessions of a Surf Lady Podcast to create a space where we could discuss the nuances and intricacies of the women's surf community and social movements within women's surfing. We use this platform to elevate members in our community that are expanding the narrative of the female surfer and openly discuss issues in women's surfing. To listen to Confessions of a Surf Lady visit the podcast site here.