"Designed to compliment the uniqueness and beauty of every woman, not just one industry standard."

-Founder, Laura Day


Our Story: While iaera surf is a young brand, it's been a story in the making for over a decade.

 I’ve always loved creating and when I was a kid, my Lola (grandma) sparked my interest in sewing. I owe my passion for sewing to her.

In 2008, I moved to San Diego, to study architecture & design and I acquired an old surfboard.

Like a true surf girl, I was enamored.

A few summers later, it became my goal to make my own clothing. Though at the time, I had no plan of what this summer project would become.

 That was the summer iaera surf was born.

A combination of my passions for design, sewing, fashion and surfing came together in one garment:

An orange rash guard with blue flowery sleeves, cut with a darted bust and curved hip for a feminine fit. It was a garment that would fit the shape of my body, something that so much surf wear seems to ignore. 

Fast Forward to 2016... 

A degree earned, a couple of years living in Australia and a handful of unforgettable adventures later, I was back in San Diego, sitting in my apartment, wondering what came next.

When the same summer creativity came back around. 

I dug out my orange rash guard and began to cut and sew.
I began to build iaera surf.
While experimenting with fit, function and color. I developed the paddle sleeve and a small collection of unique and colorful rash guards.

My philosophy was and is:
If I created garments that fit and functioned for the everyday woman, I could highlight the uncelebrated diversity of women within surf and beach culture.
Because while the surf industry has been busy telling us who we should want to be, they have missed out on the uniqueness and beauty of who we already are.

Thank you for your interest and support,

Email Laura: Laura@iaerasurf.com