Your two best anti-aging weapons.


Are you having the winter blues?

I'm ready to trade my sweaters and wetsuit for a towel and bathing suit...
How about you?

I know, we are both looking forward to long days at the beach and unending sunshine! 🌞 Or maybe you've just booked your winter getaway to warmer places, lucky you!

But I must interrupt our daydreaming with this serious reality (because I care about you!)...

Excessive sun exposure "causes early aging and skin damage that can lead to skin cancer." 



Since we all love the beach and sunshine, it's important that we take these risks seriously. 

But here is the good news:
We don't have to stop day dreaming of our never ending beach days... we've got SPF and UPF on our side!

Here's what they mean and how they work:

SPF - Sun Protection Factor and is the rating you're familiar with for sunscreens and other sun-protective products.

UPFUltraviolet Protection Factor indicates how much of the sun's UV radiation is absorbed in a fabric.

A fabric with a rating of UPF 50 will allow only 1/50th of the sun's UV rays to pass through. 

🌞 How's that for excellent sun protection?! 🌞

Take these simple steps to minimize your exposure to sunlight and keep your skin youthful: 

Wear sunscreen, reapply often and wear clothing with UPF sun protection factor.

Just Imagine how much your skin will thank you! 

So before you head off to your winter getaway, or spend a long day in the sun... Let's get you covered in anti-aging UPF!

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<3 Laura
#iaeralady and founder @ iaerasurf

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