3 Female Surf Legends to celebrate on Intl Women's surf day (with video!)

Happy International Women’s Surf Day!

Women have come a long way when it comes to surfing. Let’s celebrate three of our favorite Legends who paved the way for surf ladies everywhere. 


Linda Benson - The first woman to ride Waimea Bay.

"I don't remember fear. I just wanted to do what the guys did. I didn't think twice about it."



Rell Sunn - Founding member of the Women’s professional surfing association.

Rell was known for surfing with unsurpassed beauty and grace. She lost a 14 year battle with cancer in 1998, but her aloha spirit lives on.

"The aloha spirit is real simple. You give and you give and you give..and you give from here (the heart), until you have nothing else to give." 



Margo Oberg - The first female professional surfer in the world.

''The I'm-going-to-win-no-matter-how-I-have-to-do-it attitude just doesn't seem to fit. For me, a contest isn't a success unless it was fun, whether or not I win.''

to watch a video of Margo Oberg Visit The Encyclopedia of Surfing on Vimeo.


Thanks to these Legends for inspiring us! The only thing left to do is charge your home break and celebrate International Women's Surf Day with your surf sisters! 


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